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Camera Vision

CMOS Full HD Camera System

  • PV470 Camera Control Unit only
  • PV471 Camera head with 90° endocoupler
  • PV472 Camera head with zoomcoupler
  • PV473 Camera head with fixed focus coupler

Full HD CMOS camera system provides excellent value for money

  • Full HD image quality with native resolution (1920 x 1080 pixel) provides a crystal-clear image of unprecedented quality
  • Full HD camera provides 16:9 widescreen images for increased lateral image viewing
  • Full HD camera with advanced CMOS Chip technology produces life like images with outstanding depth perception
  • Progressive scan technology at 50/60 frames per second provides a lag-free image
  • Speciality modes produce excellent images in every situation
  • Multi-speciality HD camera works with most standard endoscope
  • Optical parfocal zoom (2.0x) and 2.5x digital zoom for improved detail enhancement
  • Easy operation of camera functions via integrated control buttons in the camera head
  • Can control LED light source OP940 via remote control button on camera head
  • Ergonomic camera head to support fatigue-free working
  • Included accessories of PV470:DVI-D cable (1x)